Drs. John and Suzanne Ellison Ramsay

Drs. John Ramsay and Suzanne Ellison Ramsay founded the CornerstoneClinic in 1991. They were
married in 1980 and began practicing in Fredericksburg in 1984.

Dr. Ramsay loves and practices the whole range of Family Practice. Following the completion college at
Vanderbilt University and Medical School at Southwestern in Dallas he pursued a Family Medicine Residency in
Tallahassee, Florida followed by an Obstetric Fellowship. This emphasis in delivering babies led him to
help bring over 25oo babies into this world spread throughout the Hill Country. Caring not just for the babies
and the mothers but the fathers, aunts, uncles, and grandparents gives him great pleasure. Indeed
over half of his practice is devoted to seniors many of whom he has known for over 25 years. His
patients know him as a great story listener and teller. They were as excited as he was in his
selection as the Texas Family Physician of Year in 2008.

Outside of Medicine his interests include five grown children, many grandchildren, the Classical
Christian Heritage School where he was a founding trustee, serving in leadership at the Hill Country
Evangelical Free Church, coaching youth sports, running Marathons especially with his children,
raising pecan trees, and beekeeping.


Dr. Ellison while practicing the whole range of Family Medicine except Obstetrics, devotes much of
her time to wellness care with a heavy emphasis on healthy eating and cardiovascular prevention
strategies. Her exploration of best evidence regarding healing diseases with food, led her to write a book
D.I.E.T or “Do I EatThis?” to help her patients grasp a way of eating that will help them need less medication.

She also offers group office visits done from a kitchen. “Patients have asked me to come home with them
and and cook a few meals. Bringing patients into a kitchen of mine is the next best thing.”

In addition to grand mothering, she is heavily involved with Lambs Tale Ministries-a Christian retreat ministry,
writing, and speaking.