Karen G. Cornett, M.D.

My calling is to ‘make a difference’ in the lives of others.    My passion is to serve others and use my talents to provide an individualized approach to the care of the patient while remaining committed to quality, honest medical care.

I was born in Germany, where my father served as an internist in the US Army.   Growing up as the middle child of 5, family has always been the center of my life.  My grandparents were my greatest role models.  They instilled in me the values of service, commitment, compassion, kindness, a strong work ethic, and humility.  My mother taught me how to be a mom.  We grew up baking, sewing, gardening, and above all sharing.  My father taught me to work hard but always balance work and home.  Travel was an important part of our upbringing as was enjoying daily ‘coffee’ with baked goodies and lots of family fellowship.

Upon graduating Valedictorian from Killeen Ellison High School, I studied biomedical science at Texas A&M University graduating Summa Cum Laude.  My original plan was to enter Veterinarian School, but took a sabbatical to further explore my calling.  During that time, I came to realize that while I absolutely loved animals and the science of veterinarian medicine, my professional and spiritual calling was to serve people more directly.  To this day, I continue to have my own personal ‘brood’ of pets, and have the best of both worlds.  I completed medical school at UT Southwestern in Dallas and a residency at Tacoma Family Medicine in Washington where I was able to train in broad spectrum Family Medicine with care of the entire family including obstetrical care.  I married my best friend, Mark during medical school and we have been blessed with three children and the opportunity to raise them in Fredericksburg.

Family medicine offers me the opportunity to use my education while directly serving patients from newborns to elderly and everyone in between.  Every day I strive to provide the best possible medical care to each patient I see.  The doctors at Cornerstone Clinic are truly the best- wonderful, caring, inspiring physicians.   The small, close knit community, excellent schools, and our loving church home have provided a great place to raise our family.   Personal time for me is mostly family time and I do find bits of time for cycling, reading, and playing outdoors.   I continue to practice full spectrum family medicine with obstetrical care, newborn and well child care,  preventative adult medicine as well as care of the chronically ill and hospitalized.  My primary approach to the patient is to avoid ‘textbook medicine’ and instead provide individualized care with solid scientific grounds.