Kristi A. Stafford, M.D.

My love of science and how things work led me to study medicine. My love of families drew me to the
wonderful specialty of family medicine.

I am honored to use my knowledge and gifts to help in the promotion of wellness and the healing of
illness in patients of all ages. My greatest joy is to care for multiple generations of the families I serve.
Delivering babies, preventive medicine, in hospital care of illness, outpatient care of chronic medical
problems, and nursing home care are all facets of my practice. The connection to each person and the
relationships built with families is the joy of my practice.

A native of San Antonio, Texas, my education began in my own family from my mother and father who
taught me about compassion and vigilance. They too loved the science of medicine and encouraged me
in my studies at Texas A&M and University of Texas Medical School at Houston. A residency in Family
Medicine in Waco and an Obstetric Fellowship in Austin completed my formal training.

I came to Fredericksburg and joined Cornerstone Clinic in 2000 where I have practiced ever since. In
Fredericksburg, I met my husband, Adam, and we have been blessed by three beautiful girls.
Outside of my practice, I enjoy spending time with my immediate and extended family. I also cycle,
volunteer for various organizations, and worship God with my family at Fredericksburg United Methodist