Welcome to our patient page!  Cornerstone Clinic is about the patients.  Our physicians and staff hope to provide top quality healthcare in an environment that feels like your true medical home.  We are all board certified family physicians who believe in providing care for the whole patient.  In order to best serve you, we believe you should play an active part in your health.

Our services begin with the wonder of childbirth.  We are blessed to deliver babies and then follow them  through their childhood, into adolescence, and often into adulthood.  Dr.Ramsay has been fortunate enough to provide maternity care to women he delivered as babies!  We see children for regularly scheduled well visits, sick visits, and care for them when hospitalized.   Our office strives to make young children feel comfortable and even enjoy coming to clinic as they get to know our friendly and highly qualified nursing staff and ancillary staff.

Into adulthood, we believe strongly in preventative care and physical, emotional, and psychological wellness.  We try to spend extra time with patients to encourage healthy lifestyles and meet individual patient’s needs when difficult times arise.   Managing chronic medical problems is a key part of any primary care practice.   Our inhouse laboratory services, bone density machine, xray (at the Comfort site), and ultrasound are convenient to our patients and help us manage and diagnose problems more efficiently.

In caring for the elderly, we are again blessed.  We benefit from the relationships that are formed with the patients and their families.   We believe in quality of life. We try not to over prescribe  medications but instead incorporate healthy living strategies to enhance patients wellness.  We also provide personalized  hospital care and nursing home care for those acutely or chronically ill.

Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions on the services provided or if we can be of assistance to you.