Patient Portal User Policy

Patient Portal User Policy

Cornerstone Clinic provides this site in partnership with e-MDs® for the exclusive use of its established patients.  The patient portal is designed to enhance patient – physician communications.  All users must be established by a previous office visit.

We strive to keep all of the information in your records correct and complete.  If you identify any discrepancy on your record, you agree to notify us.  Additionally, by using the patient portal, the user agrees to provide factual and correct information.

Features of the Patient Portal are as follows:

  • Secure, encrypted email messaging to communicate with Cornerstone Clinic staff
  • View your health summary and records
  • View results from lab and other diagnostic studies
  • Request updates to your health summary records and demographic information
  • Receive appointments within the time parameters that you are available
  • Enter new, or update current insurance information
  • Ability to make referral requests
  • Ask questions about billing issues

Note: Some of these features may not be available at the present.  Patients will be notified via the Portal when a feature becomes available.

Guidelines for Using the Patient Portal.
The patient portal is not intended to provide internet based diagnostic medical services.

  • No internet based triage and treatment request. Diagnosis can only be made and treatment rendered after the patient schedules and SEES the physician.
  • No Emergent communications or services. Any emergent conditions should be seen by Urgent Care, Emergency Department, or 911.
  • No request for narcotic pain medication will be accepted, call your pharmacy.
  • Sensitive subject matter will not be discussed on the portal (HIV, mental health, etc.)
  • All communication will be included in your chart.
  • Our system will inform us when your message is viewed.

The patient portal is provided as a courtesy to our valued patients. While some offices charge for this convenience on an annual basis, we are focused on providing highest level of service and health care. However, if abuse or negligent usage of patient portal persists, we reserve the right at our own discretion to terminate patient portal offering suspend user access, or modify services offered through the patient portal.

The patient portal is provided in partnership with e-MDs, our EHR software vendor and provider. The data is stored at Cornerstone Clinic. The data is on HIPAA compliant VPN with high level encryption that exceeds the HIPAA standards. While we believe that the IT infrastructure and data are safe and secure, it does not guarantee unforeseen adverse events cannot occur. To the extent that it is possible, Cornerstone Clinic has undergone rigorous IT implementation and security standards exceeding industry recommendations.

Please read our HIPPA Policy for information on how private health information (PHI) is used at Cornerstone Clinic. All new and established patients have signed HIPAA agreement form and have been given an opportunity to read our HIPAA policy. If you do not recall having signed HIPAA form or need to reacquaint with our HIPAA policy, a printed or electronic copy in PDF format will be provided to you for your review.

Once you have provided Cornerstone Clinic with legitimate email address that is secure, you will receive notification. The site may be accessed via Cornerstone Clinic’s website address and clicking on patient log-in tab.

Upon acceptance by our patient portal system, on the email reply, it will contain your unique user id and password along. While patient portal is user friendly, limited technical support questions can be directed to the portal manager at 830.997.0330.